November 3, 2014 in Newsletter

WELCOME TO MY BLOG (Friday November 21)




I have no idea how to make money with shares, in my opinion it takes too many to earn good dividends so I sold them all.

I prefer investing in the 186% MTV slow and boring but more stable in my opion.

Here is a  few reasons why you should check this blog once in a while

I keep my blog current

I will be giving 50 credits (eventually) to downlinerefs members (100 of them to be exact) C/DOWNLINEREFS has the details

I give 100% payback to my BUXP.ORG referrals B/BUXP CASH BACK has the details 

I believe in showing what I spend in ptcs and if and how I make money with them. (Neobux and Paidverts info is found above)

I update you where I make some easy money, in my case without  referring, Surveys are the way to go especially if you are American or Canadian.



For previous messages (or rants I like to call them) go to:    mmike649.wix.com/myrants

35 days to go before my big trip down south.