Next 649 draw estimated at 8,000,000.00

August 4, 2015 in Newsletter




currently at from last wk Payout at: last 5 days
Buxvertise 0.08 0.02 0.06
CashnHits (30)paid 6.20 upgrade 5.02 4.51 PP 10.00 0.51
Clixsense/   –PP—I did  5 survey(s) 11.61 8.46 8.00 PP 3.15
Donkeymails 5.27 5.20 2.00 PP  0.50 STP 0.07
goldenclix 4.48 4.34 5.00 STP 0.14
Jillsclickcorner 7.75 7.54 .50 STP 1.06 PP 0.21
Mint vine 2.34 1.94 10.00 PP 0.40
No-Minimum 2.85 2.82 1.01 PP 1.06  0.50 STP 0.03
Trafficmonsoon 0.47 0.30 2 then 4 then 6 till 10.00 always 0.17
WordLinx 10.85 10.73 10.00 PP 0.12















Lo and Behold GETPAIDMAIL is back


I lose the 6.99 I had in my account (took forever to get there).  They lowered the payout from 8.00 to 1.00 so because of that,  I will keep clicking here.






Whats in the works for me and YOU in the future?

I am developing a strategy for lotto draws to increase odds.  I suspect this will take me a full year to complete my project since my clicking takes a lot of my time.

When I was in my 20′s I read a book about investing in the stock market but the writer said it would only work on the New York stock exchange.  I proved him wrong.  I just adjusted

his strategy from daily to weekly and used it on the Canadian Toronto stock exchange and found a gem of a stock that went from 7.00 to 49.00 in 3 months using his system.

Maybe I got lazy but I lost the drive and the excitement of the stock market and you certainly need to put the time in, whatever system you are using.  I am saying all this

because my lotto strategy will be used using the Canadian lottos but if you adjust it a bit you can probably use the strategy on any world lottos.  Using my system and some

luck you can decrease the odds from 1 in 13 million to about 500,000 .  Still a long way from a sure thing but if I get enough Canadians using my system, someone will probably

win a good chunk of money.

Lots of work for me to develop and explain all this so will work at it as much as I can in my spare time.

By the way,  I had promised myself no more  out of pocket money in stuff on the internet but broke my own promise and invested in Paidverts and now might live to regret it.

I am now using my extra money that I make by upgrading in PTCS or buying Canadian lotto tickets.

It would be great if someone that read my blog would try my strategy and win big. All this in the far future (2016 probably) .  That person(s) could buy me and my wife an all expense paid

trip to their city lol







Here is a  few reasons why you should check this blog once in a while



I will be giving 50 credits (eventually) to downlinerefs members (100 of them to be exact) C/DOWNLINEREFS has the details

I give 100% payback to my BUXP.ORG referrals B/BUXP CASH BACK has the details 

I believe in showing what I spend in ptcs and if and how I make money with them. (Neobux and Paidverts info is found above)

I update you where I make some easy money, in my case without  referring, Surveys are the way to go especially if you are American or Canadian.