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WELCOME TO MY BLOG (Tuesday Oct 21)

Tuesday 2014Oct21

I would like to keep that information I found in the forum yesterday,  in my link,  but having a challenge setting it up.

In the meantime I was able to re invest 6.00 from clicking today , which gave me 18,600 BAP, cool

I played roulette (I just love the thrill of that game, my hands actually get sweaty lol) today and almost quit after the second bet

but remembered my own rule of quitting only when you are losing not when you are winning. You can see the results above at:


I still think the bottom will fall out some day but I am still on the winning side for now in roulette.


Monday 2014Oct20

I was lucky enough again today to win 50 BAP using the roulette game.  I know my luck will eventually run out but so far so good.

Oh its good to read the forum, you learn so much from other people’s question.  PV has many places where you keep your balance

Ten places to be exact

PP PZ PM EGO STP WesternUnion BankWire Bitcoin MTV and PV

Each one is tax able so its better to keep it all in one spot

My 0.00029 dividend I earned last week went into my MTV balance

The taxes ate it up and now my 0.00029 is gone

Today I received a dividend of 0.00144 and it was deposited in my MTV balance

I transfered this 0.00144 right into my PV balance right away so the taxes don’t eat it up again

Now I should put this information I just wrote into a safe place so I don’t forget it next week.

Someone in the forum said

PV will take the maintenance fee from whatever balance you have so it is definitely better to have all funds in one balance if you want to minimise the fees being paid daily.

If any balance in your account has less than the maintenance fee it will just take whatever is left in there




Here is a  few reasons why you should check this blog once in a while

I keep my blog current

I will be giving 50 credits (eventually) to downlinerefs members (100 of them to be exact) C/DOWNLINEREFS has the details

I will be giving away some Paypal money ( eventually)  to someone

I give 100% payback to my BUXP.ORG referrals B/BUXP CASH BACK has the details 

I believe in showing what I spend in ptcs and if and how I make money with them. (Neobux and Paidverts info is found above)

I update you where I make some easy money, in my case without  referring, Surveys are the way to go especially if you are American or Canadian.







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68 days to go before my big trip down south.