Neobux Stats 2014 JULY

July 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am doing my own strategy at Neobux to see if I can make money just with rented referrals.

I am keeping it simple by upgrading all rented referrals for 240 days right away.

I try to take advantages of special prices that Neobux might offer.

I upgraded to Golden Membership (using 30,000 points) on 2014July03

I decided I will stick to 400 RR for a while and once my Rental Balance is up then Rent more Referrals

I am 144 days away to lose my first rentals.

At BBBBBBB/Neobux  July 2014 (see above) you  will find my recent updates concerning how much money I need to renew some of my 400 RR

My total profit and loss so far is:

I spent 733.53 + currently  losing 21.25  = total 754.78

Here is my current stats as of 2014July28



Rental Balance from yesterday was                                         9.45


Cost to rent                                                                                         —–


Cost to extend                                                                                  —–


Total Cost                                                                                         —–


Sub Balance                                                                                        9.45


Money from Main  Balance                                                        6.40  (money made from   7:00am      to   7:00am   )


Money won from AdPrize                                                           —–     (in the last 24 hours)


Total money earned or won                                                      6.40            (in the last 72 hours)


Sub Balance                                                                                       15.85


I need daily (to break even)                                       2.25      (2.00 to maintain 400 RR and 0.25 to maintain my Golden Membership status)


Profit or Loss since 2013Aug17  including money won via AdPrize


Loss so far at                                                                     21.25


Money From PP and/or PZ                                          —–


New Balance                                                                      15.85

I need to click 42 times a day so I can reach 1,000 points every 24 days which means reaching 30,000 points every 2 years the cost of Golden Membership

I had 30,000 points on 2014Jun24

I had 30,143  points on 2014Jun27

I had 30,295 points on 2014July02

2014July03 I spent 30,000 points to upgrade to Golden Membership

2014July28 I have 1,272 points and I need 1,428 points to reach 30,000 on 2016jun27 (this is keeping an average of 42 points a day)