2014 August, Buxp offer Downlinerefs and Neobux stats

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UPDATED FRIDAY  August 29 2014

Today is Friday, the last long weekend for the summer coming up.


-1- = BUXP.ORG




-3- = NEOBUX Strategy and Stats


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If you like doing Paid To Click and want some extra funds then join me (see banner above) to earn .03 cents (soon to be 0.04 cents) for every 0.05 cents I earn from your clicking


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A member just put in a 1.20 credit add.  Unless he runs out of credits I will have to increase mine to 1.21 (my cost 145.2 credits)


I joined Downlinerefs a few years ago but never understood (I still don’t understand how it ALL works) but I did figure out I can give extra points to members at that site.  What I intend to do is keep a log on this blog of how much points I will be paying out to members that click on my advertising.  After I donate the most point from all the other members I will advise (again here on this blog) what time I will advertise.  My advertising will be on the top because I will donate the most points.  Currently the top advertiser is paying 1.10 points to click on his advertising. (Each click has a 20 second timer on it). The lowest points on the board is currently at 0.15 (hmm. I thought I read that the lowest could not be lower than 0.30??!!) My points will be worth 1.11 when I start this.  I will need 133.2 credits because I will pay 1.11 credits per member that click and I must have a package size of a minimum 100 clicks.  In other words: I need to provide 100 available clicks (you can only click once per 24 hours as a member for each click) and I will set the credits at 1.11   SOOO 1.11 times 100 = 111 credits and 22.2 fees (which goes to my upline). I currently have 65.44 credits

Yesterday my upline happen to be on gmail and we chatted a little.  She does use downlinerefs herself so I will be glad to help her with points as my sponsor.

I will set up a page above (next to Neobux and BUXP.ORG) for DOWNLINEREFS with info on how this works. I will explain more on what to click.  There will be time for you to understand this because its probably going to take me a few weeks to reach 133.2 credits


My link is




If you join using my link and you advertise yourself you will be paying me a fee which will go right back in the pot for you to make more credits.



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My Neobux strategy and stats:

I am keeping it simple by upgrading all rented referrals for 240 days right away.

I try to take advantages of special prices that Neobux might offer.

I upgraded to Golden Membership (using 30,000 points) on 2014July03

I decided I will stick to 400 RR for a while and once my Rental Balance is up then Rent more Referrals

I am 112 days away to lose my first rentals.

My total profit and loss so far is:

I spent 733.53 + currently  losing 18.05  = total loss is:   751.58

Here is my current stats as of 2014Aug29 (next update will be on TUESDAY 2014Sep02)



Rental Balance from yesterday was                                         169.55


Cost to rent                                                                                         —–


Cost to extend                                                                                  —–


Total Cost                                                                                         —–


Sub Balance                                                                                      169.55


Money from Main  Balance                                                        2.40   (last 24 hours)


Money won from AdPrize                                                          —–     (last 24 hours)


Total money earned or won                                                      2.40            (last 24 hours)


Sub Balance                                                                                       171.95


Money From Paypal                                                                      —–


New Balance                                                                                      171.95



I need daily (to break even)                                       2.25      (2.00 to maintain 400 RR and 0.25 to maintain my Golden Membership status)


Profit or Loss since 2013Aug17  including money won via AdPrize


Loss so far at                                                                     18.05



I need to click 42 times a day so I can reach 1,000 points every 24 days which means reaching 30,000 points every 2 years the cost of Golden Membership


2014Aug29 I have 2491 points, at this rate I will reach 30,000 points on 2016July04


For the year 2014



”pending”   points on Sept 01

2,000 points on Aug16

1,415 points on Aug01

1,000 points on July 22

30,000 points spent for a Golden Membership on July 03

30,260 points on July 01

30,000 points on June 24

29,112 points on June 01

29,000 points on May 29