September 16, 2014 in Newsletter


(1) Join me at for 100% payback to you (see above for details at B/BUXP CASH BACK)

(2) If you are serious about making money with ptcs why not try PV (PaidVerts). It sounds complicated but its easy enough to learn with great potential earning if you budget your strategy.

(3) Check out my section above (C/DOWNLINEREFS) for details of when I will ”expose my referral link to DLR community” for 50 credits to you (only 100 members will receive the credits.


I started a section above called D/PAIDVERTS (found above) with my history.

Concerning Neobux:  I will spend the 200.00 + in my rental balance to extend my RR but will use the money to invest in PV. I will wait till Halloween to extend my RR since Neobux always seem to have a discount price around that date.

Concerning Surveys I do:  I will eventually put another page up there on my blog about the good sites that has paid me at least once doing Surveys. In the meantime if you are interested in Surveys contact me and I will send you my list.









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101 days to go before my big trip down south.