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May 13, 2016 in Newsletter

Today is Friday 2016July01

Canada’s 149 years old today.

I am at home.

I found out by clicking at Trafficmonsoon that I can click 10 sites and bring my expiry time to 23 hours and 45 minutes

later.  In other words I clicked at 8am and don’t have to click till 7am the next day (I always give myself 23 hours later

to be on the safe side).  I just finish clicking 10 more sites at 5pm  and now good till 4pm tomorrow.  I like that system

instead of resetting 24 hours later.



Today is Thursday 2016 June 30

At 5:20am (my local time which is Eastern Daylight Time or New York city time) My trafficmonsoon account showed that

my 50.00 dollar deposit of yesterday yielded 1.01 but still show June 29 at 9:35 (whatever that means) and I had till June 30 at 3:24pm EDT to click 10 ads

At 6:00am EDT (after clicking a bunch) I now show I have till 5:49am July 1st to click









Today is Wednesday 2016 June 29

I decided to buy my first adpack at trafficmonsoon.  I will eventually buy the Allied Wallet card they provide when I upload

my utility bill for proof for them.

It would be nice to actually make money from this site. The clicking 10 sites a day might be a challenge for me when I go on holidays.

Neobux has really surprised me with all their over 200 clicks per day at .05 a click.  I am earning at least a dollar a day but it takes me 3 to 4 hours

to click them all.  Its especially challenging on the weekend.. Talking about the weekend; I will be off work on Friday since its Canada Day.

Canada will be 149 years old.

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