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August 4, 2015 in Newsletter






My 649 lotto  findings (see below)




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My 649 lotto findings




There is a few books and strategies concerning how to improve your lotto picking.  I have read and spent some money on some of them. I keep track of how often the numbers were picked in the last 10 draws.  I call my tracking THE GROUP

Group 1 (which numbers were picked in the last 3 draws)

Group 2 (which numbers were picked in the last 4th or 5th draw)

Group 3 (which numbers were picked in the last 6th to 10th draw)

Group 4 (which numbers were picked over 10 draws ago)


I have checked so far all the draws from 1982 to 2009


6 numbers (so far) have  been picked by  Group 1 once only.

The 2112 combination has hit 174 times

2112 explanation

2 numbers from Group 1

1 number from Group 2

1 number from Group 3

2 numbers from Group 4


If and when I receive interested Canadian  lotto 649 players, that would like to try these combination numbers, then  I will post the recent Group 4 numbers.



The Group combination leaders (up to 2009)  are:

174 times 2112

155 times 2121

126 times 2022

119 times 3111

98 times 3012


If you pick the right combination (which is  a huge task in itself) you have anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 chance of winning compare to 1 in 13,000,000


I am also looking at picking the number that ”seems” to be hot at the time,  from Group 1 or Group 2


At the rate I am going I will be finish checking all the groups by late spring of 2016