Neobux Stats of 2014Apr17 (be back on 2014Apr22)

April 8, 2014 in Newsletter

I am doing my own strategy at Neobux to see if I can make money just with rented referrals.

I am keeping it simple by upgrading all rented referrals for 240 days right away.

I try to take advantages of special prices that Neobux might offer.

If all goes well I will rent 3 RR on 2014May07

I will rent 10 on 2014May14

I will rent 50 on 2014Jun18

By 2014Jun18 I should have (hopefully) 30,000 points to upgrade to Golden Membership.

Here is my current stats



Rental Balance from yesterday was  68.85


Cost to rent                                                 —-


Cost to extend                                           —-


Total Cost                                                   —-


Sub Balance                                           68.85


Money from Rental Balance      1.10     (money made from 7:00am  to 7:00am)


Money won from AdPrize          0.50       (in the last 24 hours)


Total money earned or won     1.60     (in the last 24 hours)


Sub Balance                                    70.45


Cost to recycle                                —–


I need daily (to break even)     1.13  (to maintain 237 Rental Referrals)


Loss                                                0.03   (since 2013Aug17  I am  3.62 in the red)


Total won from AdPrize       5.50 (since 2013Aug17, bringing my Profit and Loss in the black by 1.88)


Money From PP or PZ                —–


New Balance                                   70.45


I need to have save so far           14.36


I am over by                                56.09


Since 2013Aug17 I have spent (money came from clicking at Neobux and other Ptcs and money from Surveys I do) =$424.03


I need to click 42 times a day so I can reach 1,000 points every 24 days which means reaching 30,000 points every 2 years the cost of Golden Membership

I had 20,000 points on 2013Nov11

I had 21,000 points on 2013Dec02

I had 22,000 points on 2013Dec24

I had 23,000 points on 2014Jan18

I had 24,000 points on 2014Feb09

I had 25,000 points on 2014Mar02

I had 26,000 points on 2014Mar26

I had 27,000 points on 2014Apr11

I had 27,243 points on 2014Apr17